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Create the harmonious family life you've always dreamed of, without the guilt, overwhelm, and frustration.


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Unlocking Love is my signature program for busy but dedicated parents who want to raise extraordinary children. 

BUT this isn't just "another parenting course" Because as a parent and child psychiatrist, I know that parenting isn't just about raising kids; it's a journey that touches every facet of your life.

So, in Unlocking Love, we will take 6 months to dig deep about who you truly are as a person, as a parent, who you want to become, and how you're going to get there. 

Specifically we'll talk about:


⦿  Rediscovering Your Life's Purpose: Unlocking Love guides you to reflect deeply on your life's purpose, aligning your actions with your core values. You'll explore your true self, learning to stay consciously connected to your most authentic self.

⦿  Unlocking the Magic in Your Child: See your child as a unique, beautiful human on their path to growth. Watch your anxieties about their inevitable mistakes and challenges melt away as you embrace their hearts, spirits, energy, and capabilities.

⦿  Embracing Emotional Mastery: With newfound beliefs, you'll achieve emotional mastery. You become a role model for your children, showing them the limitless potential of emotional growth. You'll also be equipped to help them navigate their own emotional rollercoasters.

⦿  Mastering the Art of Growth: Dive into the neurobiology of change and learning. You'll grow comfortable with the discomfort that accompanies challenges and failures, knowing they're markers of your incredible growth journey.

⦿  Understanding Behavior Psychology: Gain a deep understanding of behavior psychology, empowering you to navigate any parenting situation. Strengthen the bonds of trust with your children, and watch as your communication skills improve in all areas of life.

⦿  Finding Certainty and Ease: Experience the calm and ease of knowing you and your children are on the right path. You'll discover that you're exactly where you're meant to be, with limitless potential to achieve and become everything you desire.


Are you ready to embrace the extraordinary journey of

parenting and self-discovery? 

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I'm Dr. Marissa Caudill, The Parent Doctor  

In my 15 years of clinical experience as a child and adolescent psychiatrist, I have worked with thousands of children and families. Over time, I've recognized recurring patterns of challenging dynamics, particularly between teenagers and parents. These issues often trace their roots back to pre-adolescent years.

When working in clinic, I often found myself wishing that I had met these parents and children 5-10 years earlier, when my guidance and interventions could have prevented the issues of broken trust, disappointment, hopelessness, frustration, and heartbreak which, by then, had become ingrained and difficult to change. 

If you're ready to learn to establish healthy patterns with yourself and your child, so that you always know and feel that you are a good parent, and your child is a wonderful child, come join me. In working with me, you will gain the tools you need for a harmonious family life now and in the future. I'm here to help.

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From chaos to harmony

"Dr. Caudill's course has given me great tools to build trust with my child while working through the typical disagreements that arise while parenting. I have a deeper understanding of why a parent's own sense of inner peace and equilibrium is an essential element in helping children cope with frustration and/or disappointment. My house has definitely been more harmonious since taking the course. Many thanks to the Parent Doctor!"


What to Expect on Our Discovery Call


Parenting is an incredible journey, but it certainly comes with big challenges. You may feel overwhelmed by your kids’ behavior, frustrated that they don’t listen, or tired of having to repeat yourself all the time. You may wonder, "What is wrong with my child?" or worse, you feel that you're an ineffective parent and wonder, "What is wrong with me?".

During our 30-minute session, we'll tackle these struggles together. I'm here to listen, provide guidance, and actionable strategies that can make parenting feel less overwhelming and more fulfilling. Together, we'll set a path to the harmonious family life that you and your extraordinary child deserve.


I will help you:

Understand your child's behaviors

so you can nurture their development effectively and guide them to feel secure in an identity that feels true, integrated, and inherently worthy.

Gain clarity on your family goals and dream

so you can create a home filled with love, joy, understanding, open communication and emotion expression and healthy family interactions.

Get a step-by-step strategy tailored to your family

so you can feel relieved by knowing where you're headed, in order to confidently navigate any parenting challenge and enjoy a harmonious family life.

Let's Start Crafting Your Path to a Harmonious Family Life

Be an empowered parent, shaping your family's future with intention, rather than reacting to every challenge.


The biggest risk to the harmonious family life you've always dreamed about?

All the voices, noise, and parenting strategists that tell you "DO THIS" and "SAY THIS" and you "SHOULD HAVE THIS".

You don't need more voices telling you what to do or how your family should be. You know in your heart what direction and approach is best for your and your child. 

The TRUTH is:

You, as a parent, hold the most power over your child’s development. You're there with them through it all. More than any doctor or therapist can ever be. Only YOU know them best. You have the best opportunity to teach them to trust, and be trustworthy, by your example.

I know this because I'm also a parent of two kids. And once upon a time, I was in your shoes. I felt exhausted, overwhelmed, confused, frustrated. I blamed my spouse for lack of support and was desperate to find a better way. I found myself bombarded by countless voices, including those of my own mentors and teachers, who said that:

To be a good parent, you MUST...

 Set firm limits

☛ Be 100% consistent

Use consequences for "bad" behavior

☛ Always know what to say and how to say it

☛ Buy organic, cook homemade meals, and have family dinners together nightly

Peacefully share all parenting and household duties with your partner 50:50


Good parents DON'T...

☛ Lose their cool

☛ Argue in front of their kids

☛ Complain about being overwhelmed with juggling work, kids' activities, home responsibilities and personal needs. And they definitely don't ask for a day ALONE as their Mother's day gift 😬

☛ Put their desires ahead of their children's


And the PROOF that I was failing was that:

☛ I couldn't always get my kids to do what I wanted them to do, or what they "needed" to do

My kids didn't eagerly seek challenges

My kids were always asking for more "stuff"

 I did not have an Instagram-worthy life

 But the biggest thing was...sometimes I was doing or saying things to my kids that I thought were "right", but they just didn't feel right in my heart. 

These false beliefs and expectations weighed me down. I knew there had to be a more authentic, more effective way to nurture my children's growth while not losing myself, or my marriage. 

Through years of experience as a psychiatrist and working with countless families with similar problems, I've discovered that:

The true path to extraordinary parenting isn't about conforming to anyone else's 'MUSTS' or 'SHOULDS'. 

It's about letting go of everything that doesn't serve YOUR family's purpose and goals.

To do that, you first have to connect with what makes you uniquely you.

You, as parents, have to embrace the role of leaders of your family and define your family's mission. 

By knowing the unique gifts and talents you each bring, both as individuals, and collectively as a family, you will find the strategies that work best for your family.

In that sense, the key is not psychological, or biological, or sociological, or economic -- it's spiritual. 


I want to share this transformative perspective with you. I want to help you cast aside the burdens of 'musts' and empower you with the freedom to shape your own parenting journey. Together, we'll uncover the real strengths within you, the unique gifts of your child(ren), develop a clear vision for your family's future, and create a personalized plan that aligns with your values and aspirations.

Join me for a 30-minute Discovery Call, and let's start crafting a brighter, more fulfilling path for you and your family. Say goodbye to the voices that hold you back, and step into a world where parenting feels natural, joyful, and deeply meaningful.

Book your session below and take the first step toward a parenting journey that's uniquely yours. 




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Check your email for the meeting link and reminders.
Prepare for the call by writing your questions in advance.
Just before the call, find a quiet place to sit, check your internet, mic, and camera.

From Good Mom to BEST Mom

"I loved how Marissa stressed the importance of building a strong foundation of love with your children, as it really lays the groundwork for all that comes after. The program was carefully crafted starting with foundational building blocks then progressed to more actionable items and activities. As a busy working mom the small videos were just the right length to work into my day and I even watched a couple with my oldest daughter. I plan to re-watch later when I need a refresher. Dr. Caudill is such a wealth of information and knowledge, even when I consider myself a good parent, there is always more to learn."



If you’ve read this far, I assume you’re at least contemplating whether you’re motivated enough to change. I think you are! Don’t second guess yourself, sign up now and poke around, you have nothing to lose, and oh so much to gain. See you soon!

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Adolescence, as you know, can be a turbulent period in a young person's life. It's a time of exploration, self-discovery, and growth. Yet, it's also a phase where teens are particularly vulnerable to mental health challenges. Over the past decade, we've witnessed a distressing trend – rates of teen depression and anxiety have been steadily on the rise since 2007.

But here's why it's crucial to address this crisis head-on: the mental well-being of our adolescents is the cornerstone of their future success and happiness.

Their ability to navigate these tumultuous years with resilience and emotional mastery can set the stage for a lifetime of mental wellness. It will positively impact their relationships, their academic and career prospects, and their overall quality of life.

By investing in understanding your and your child's emotional world and equipping yourself with effective strategies, you're not just creating a more harmonious family life – you're also laying the foundation for your child's enduring mental health. You're giving them the tools they need to navigate the complexities of adolescence, grow a deep-rooted and integrated self identity, build emotional mastery, and emerge as confident, well-adjusted adults.

Our discovery call will help you explore how you can play a pivotal role in safeguarding your child's mental well-being and ensuring your bond with your child only grows stronger over time. 

Join me in this mission to ensure the mental health of our children by strengthening the bonds within your family.

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